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Yaldeinu (Our Children) is an international charitable organization dedicated to preserving the traditions and ideals of Judaism by providing formal and informal education to a myriad of Jewish children in various parts of the world. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Yaldeinu’s activities are divided into two categories: Jewish day school education and Jewish camping.

With a strong sense of Zionism fueling Yaldeinu’s mandate, the organization raises funds for distribution in the form of scholarships and camperships.

Educating the Neediest Jewish Children Overseas
Scholarships are granted to underprivileged children in conjunction with the most reputable Jewish educational institutions in such parts of the world as the Former Soviet Union and Central/Latin America. These scholarships are distributed to children whose parents cannot afford day school tuition in their countries of residence.

Yaldeinu staff monitors the impact of scholarship funds by tracking the academic progress of its students through comprehensive partnership agreements with local schools on the ground.

Sponsoring Foreign Jewish Children at Canadian Summer Camps
Yaldeinu’s camping program generates lifelong memories by sponsoring children from foreign countries to participate in Canadian, Zionist summer camps. Through our partnerships with non-profit camps, Yaldeinu funds child and young adults delegations from specifically targeted cities, immersing them in specially-created camp sessions complete with integration programming. Yaldeinu’s camping program seeks out communities in developing countries with small Jewish populations where day schools do not exist because it is these communities that are most at risk of assimilation. The organization also invites children from Israel to its partner camps every year.

Over the years, Yaldeinu has sponsored Jewish participants from Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador, and Sderot, Israel.   

Yaldeinu’s camping mandate is to promote the philosophy of an interconnected Jewish community.  At Yaldeinu, we build genuine relationships between children who would otherwise be separated by vast distances.

Our Philosophy
Am echad im lev echad – one nation with one heart; that is the guiding principle behind Yaldeinu’s work. The Jewish people are responsible for one another and for our children because they are the foundation upon which our future will be built. It is incumbent upon us to ensure they are provided a sound Jewish education – whether formal or informal – so our traditions are protected forever. Judaism’s greatest philosophical sage, Maimonides, otherwise known as Rambam, noted in the twelfth century that the highest degree of charity is the kind that affords a person the tools to become a self-sufficient, contributing member of society. Yaldeinu’s supporters believe education is that tool.

Creating Meaningful Relationships that Span the Globe
Members of the organization are put in direct contact, so both the donor and the family being supported can learn from one another and benefit from such a relationship. The advantages of these relationships often transcend monetary gifts as members are afforded the opportunity to foster lifelong bonds with other Jews a world away. Through these relationships donors also gain the satisfaction of knowing exactly where their gifts are being directed and have the opportunity to monitor their contribution in real-time by speaking with the people – or as we refer to them – their “partners” overseas and tracking our students’ academic progress throughout the year.

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