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Jewish Education in La Paz, Bolivia
One of the most underdeveloped nations in Latin America, Bolivia is currently experiencing severe economic, social and political disarray.  Various reports indicate that the country’s tiny Jewish community has suffered along with its general population.

In response to Bolivia's current social atmosphere, protests have erupted around the country. Right-wing extremist groups have taken to blaming foreigners for national problems. Jews have felt these xenophobic sentiments and have made their presence scarce in La Paz. Some Bolivian Jews have already chosen to immigrate to Israel and the United States, and the community fears that political unrest will lead to more emigration. The community’s Jewish agency known as the Circulo Israelita (CI) is now charged with administering informal education to La Paz’s Jewish children. 

In December 2007, Michael Ettedgui, of Yaldeinu visited the Circulo Israelita of La Paz, and gained an intimate understanding of the community’s necessities.  In response to their requests, Yaldeinu has instituted a number of projects of direct educational aid to the CI.   

Michael Ettedgui in at the Circulo Israelita, La Paz with Jewish community leaders
Jewish library in La Paz, Bolivia


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